A project manager from The Cambridge Partnership will take your operating plan, and see it executed – to the letter. Detail is everything, and our project managers all have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry shepherding drug candidates through all phases of development.
Tasks include

Identifying suppliers for each task and securing quotations

Contracting with selected suppliers for the required services

Monitoring delivery against the contract specification, ensuring the right output is delivered on time and on budget

Creation of Statutory Books

Maintaining a Gantt Chart for the project

Weekly meetings with the client to report on progress, discuss the findings as they emerge and refine the operating plan dynamically as the project unfolds

Monthly written reports to the client, suitable for updating the company Board or senior management

Full integration with our financial management services

A single point of contact responsible for all aspects of project delivery

Such projects may require a full time manager or as little as an hour per week, and may last less than a month to more than a year depending on the scope of the operating plan. Projects range from discovery to mid-stage clinical trials. Whatever is needed to keep your virtual drug development project moving forward, The Cambridge Partnership can supply.